Ready to gain a better understanding of your real-world foot-traffic and store audiences?

N5's real-world location data services deliver this to you.

Our team works together with key technology partners to derive valuable location data from your audience and your customers.

Use this data to develop and improve your martech with location-based insight. Get to know your customers, and meet their needs with ease.

Go further with your marketing, as you deploy geo-targeted advertising.

Location-based marketing

N5 helps you derive more value from your customers and your marketing with location-based insights.

Streamlined marketing

Target your advertising directly where it’s needed, based on an in-depth understanding of customer locations and activity.

Drive marketing growth

Use location insight to feed data visualisation projects, leveraging even more understanding that you can draw upon as you build your marketing campaigns for the future.

Location-based Data Services from N5

Location-based data analysis and marketing unlocks a wealth of benefits. Strategies such as geo-targeting and geofencing target specific digital communications through GPS. Proximity marketing leverages advertising data from customer locations. Both examples can reap huge rewards for business owners. But only if these solutions are deployed in the right way, with the right growth targets in mind.

This is where N5’s range of data services come in. We provide a selection of different products, all delivered on either a self-serve or a managed services basis. With these products, you will be able to measure customer location and behaviour effectively, achieving the insight required to go further and do more with your marketing and drive sales growth in the short and long term.

Deploy audience mobile advertising to target customers on the move, at the right time and in the right place, for optimal effect. Understand how your physical and digital properties are performing with store footfall and visit rate metrics, and identify how to push these further. Connect with location data-as-a-service and get even more insight from high-level data visualisation projects.