Ready to achieve a complete, comprehensive understanding of your digital media stack?

Get a StackMark subscription to benchmark progress of your people, process, performance and technology.

Benefit from a complete audit of your digital media campaign strategies.

Analyse channel performance and set benchmarks for future success.

Define a best-in-class technology with an expert solution audit.

StackMark: A full digital media audit — to benchmark your in-house teams, platforms and campaign performance.

The N5 team draws upon long-standing digital media experience and key industry partnerships to bring you tailored independent analysis, insight and recommendation.

How it works

This service begins with a full audit of all digital media strategies and channels, including those overseen by in-house teams as well as those managed by third-party providers.

StackMark teams are equipped with specialist tools, applications and surveys to engage your teams, interrogate your platforms and extract organisation insights on your performance trends and optimisation opportunities.

Gain visibility in channels where performance is crucial. StackMark provides an independent, technology-powered digital media auditor service designed to help new CMOs get an activity lowdown in key markets and identify issues that need to get fixed in order to help your budgets be more effective and your teams be more productive.

Auditing of digital media platform

You will benefit from a comprehensive audit of all your digital media campaigns and performance. Our tools generate metrics and scores to show your opportunities to improve the setup, structure and management of your digital media accounts.

Quarterly expert audits

This annual subscription is performed four times a year by our expert N5 team.

We dispatch a trained digital media auditor to your place of operation, each quarter to assess channel campaign performance, analyse your martech stack and review your operations process and results.

Set benchmarks

The insight gained from regular audits enables reliable benchmarking and helps you manage efficient and measurable progress. Identify strengths and weaknesses to help you and your team be more effective.

StackMark is a full funnel performance audit package

Gain a comprehensive understanding of progress across people, platforms and performance with an independent StackMark audit. A StackMark subscription allows you to achieve all of this on a quarterly basis and is designed for enterprise CMOs making transformational change.

Together, we will answer questions like:

Is my agency doing a good job?
I’m about to in-house — what’s the lay of the land?
Is my activity well-governed?
Is my performance optimal?
Should I be spending less or more?