Draw upon retail partner sales data to build custom audiences that drive growth for your business.

X5 from the N5 team puts this at your fingertips.

Leverage first-party shopping data from your most trusted partners.

Distributors – Connect with retailer data to hone your marketing initiatives and drive sales.

Retailers – Use your data to build shopper audiences and develop new lines of business.

Data-driven Services to Grow Sales and Cement Strategic Partnerships

The N5 team has developed X5 to help you analyse customer purchase history, and then leverage this insight to reach more customers just like them.

X5 is Retail Media 2.0 — A Partner-Focused Approach to Media Buying

The X5 platform solution is designed with data at its heart, providing a single point from which to manage and leverage data, to support your ad buying and media marketing strategies. Build partner audiences from retail sales data with ease, effectiveness and complete compliance at every step.

Optimised Trade Marketing Strategies

Draw upon next-generation tools and proven techniques to streamline your digital trade marketing. Make your partnerships as powerful and effective as possible. Secure customer mindshare for you and your partners with a more optimised approach to trade marketing and retail media campaigns.

Programmatic Advertising that Really Works for Retail

X5 is geared towards the competitive and evolving landscape of retail. Harness the full power of your partner assets and your digital media capability, so you can lift retail sales and grow market share.

Unify Your Customer Data and Make Digital Media Work Harder for Your Retail Business with X5

Customer data and digital media are a potent combination for retail businesses. Now you can multiply the impact with X5 partner data alliances.

We create a common ground for you and your partners — a neutral territory in which both parties can combine data securely. Then, market-leading N5 draws upon this mutual data to launch high-level campaigns via the X5 platform. The result is increased sales through campaign audiences optimised with retail data.

With a partner unified approach to data, digital media buying becomes supremely effective, as you reduce cost and optimise return on investment with specifically targeted ads. X5 is designed to give businesses the power they need to manage more effective retail media campaigns.

To discover more about X5 and to unlock the true potential of your partnerships, fill out the form here on this page or hit the button below. Our team will get back to you.