The Future of Modern Marketing and Personalisation – An Expert’s Guide to CDP Marketing

From mass communication to the fine art of one-to-one customer engagement.

Welcome to our personalisation series, where we offer guidance and best practice for modern marketing and reveal the benefits of one-to-one customer engagement. This collection of seven insightful articles will guide you through personalisation in the digital age. Here is a snapshot of each article.

  1. Mass Marketing vs 1:1: Starting with the contrast between impersonal mass marketing and the intimate one-to-one connections of personalised marketing, we set the stage for the power of meaningful engagement in the digital realm.
  2. Customer Understanding: We delve into the bedrock of personalisation—knowing your customer. By moving beyond personas to truly understanding customer behaviours and preferences, we lay the groundwork for genuine connections.
  3. Precision in Marketing: Data-driven messaging is the archer’s eye in marketing—focus and precision lead to impactful engagement. This piece explores how timing, insights, and relevancy forge messages that resonate.
  4. Data-Driven Strategies: We dive into the business imperative of personalisation, examining how data integration leads to strategies that not only resonate but also drive significant business impact.
  5. Product Data Optimisation: Highlighting the importance of managing product data through Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), this article discusses how retail CDPs can be the epicentre of potent marketing strategies.
  6. Tech Stack Investment: A guide through the maze of technology stack investments, illustrating how the right tools and platforms can uplift your marketing approach.
  7. Intelligent Operations Blueprint: The finale of our series, it encapsulates the essence of nurturing a data-driven culture within organisations, focusing on how people, processes, and platforms come together to harness the true potential of data.

In completion, this seven-series guide showcasing how digital personalisation is a journey towards marketing excellence. We invite you to join us in this exploration and reshape the way you connect with your customers. Schedule a free workshop today to find out how we can help you evolve.


Published November 20, 2023

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About the Author

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Eamonn O’Hanlon

Business Intelligence Specialist

Eamonn focuses on data and reporting solutions. He has worked across performance marketing, programmatic display, business intelligence, and tag management during a decade of martech and consulting.

With an academic background in finance and economics, Eamonn is a measurement and analytics specialist and is obsessive about KPI across the full length of a clients’ martech stack. More than just data, Eamonn is innovative and brings practical experience in blockchain technology and helping clients action their insights.

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