Digital Transformation Projects – Why is it so important to evolve?

Change is not just inevitable; it’s the beating pulse of technology evolution.

If you’re not changing then you’re being left behind

Over the past decade, digital has transformed the business landscape.

There isn’t a business in the country that hasn’t felt the effects of digital. 

The market leaders know full well that digital transformation is no luxury

It is a necessity to stay relevant and competitive.

This article is the first of a three part series where I reflect on some recent N5 consulting projects to learn where companies are going with digital transformation

Each article will relate to a specific project that Noble Five had the pleasure to work on. We won’t share specifics but we will share how too can apply digital transformation thinking to propel you ahead of the curve over the coming decade of change:

Project 1: The Benefits of In-House Paid Media 

It’s no secret that one of our agency specialities is to enable paid media for in-house marketers. As the digital media industry evolved, so has the opportunity for platform in-housing. This has created an exciting opportunity for marketers to better leverage their data against digital media investments – and empower their team with powerful capabilities and new growth opportunities. We believe it’s the future.  

One of our brand partners also felt the same. The client was an international electronics giant. They wanted to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of in-housing paid media. We kicked off a consulting project to test assumptions and prove the benefits of in-housing.  

The project was large scale. Our campaign trials spanned five geographies. The aim of the project was to uncover the most effective approach to in-house campaign management. 

Through meticulous analysis, our client uncovered the significant efficiencies of in-house digital media operations. But could the performance lift gained by a boutique consulting team be sustainably realised at the global scale? The questions moved from business case to cultural fit. 

The model that made the most sense for our client was a hybrid model, known as “right-housing”. This is where some parts of the marketing operations are moved in house e.g. measurement, email, paid social and paid search – and other parts can be negotiated with outsourced agency specialists – such as Display, Video and Creative Design. In this case, hybrid right housing offered the combination of greater campaign performance and cost efficiencies over a more traditional outsourced agency model.

To realise the gains, one of our project deliverables was a detailed roadmap to outline the transition to hybrid right housing model. Importantly, we needed the roadmap to unlock data opportunity – whilst also leveraging media agency expertise and simultaneously building in-house expertise. 

Our roadmap design enabled the client to take ownership of platforms and data to gain greater control over their campaigns, all whilst promoting accountability and transparency – and enabling multiple teams to work efficiently. 

This project is a great example of how digital transformation – in this case strategic right-housing – can significantly impact business results by enhancing performance results, aligning internal teams and optimising partner resources.

In the next chapter of Digital Transformation Projects, I’ll share why a large financial services provider chose to audit their marketing technology platforms

If you want to talk to a specialist about digital transformation projects then get in touch.

Published June 12, 2023

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Paul Wylesalek

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In his free time he loves cooking, traveling, cycling, gaming with his daughter  and reaching new belts in Hap Ki Do.

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