Behind the Noble Five Redesign

Noble Five was started with a mission- to bring experts closer to your data.

Our early business was martech consulting. Modern CMO’s occupy a world powered by data. This is native to us and we offer good advice. But over time we delivered a more ambitious strategy. 

We were soon running digital performance teams for some of the world’s best in-house marketers and our expansion continued into project delivery, tech partnerships and startup development.

The more we executed the strategy, the more we outgrew our design. It became harder to apply our style guide across the full range of work we deliver.

Our speciality remains data, technology & digital media but how we partner has changed. We work with ambitious marketers and digital leaders from some of the world’s finest brands. We drive all types of results. So it’s important for our clients to to grasp who we are

Today – we’re a full service growth partner with a digital product portfolio.

Telling that story requires a modern design.

Our redesign started with a four phase process::

  1. REALIGN – Strategic re-alignment & positioning workshops
  2. RESET – Set Brand personality, Company values, & Target audiences
  3. RECONNECT – Craft new Slogans & Positioning Statements
  4. REDESIGN – Build new Design Kit & Brand Guidelines

Every brand that’s been through a redesign will tell you it’s an introspective process. We’d had a few false starts previously. We knew it would be hard to gain full consensus.

We also knew it needed focus. The primary design elements reinforce our positioning as leaders in data and digital media.

But the hard reality – for any marketing services company – is that taking time away from serving our clients is culturally demanding. It’s not easy to just stop and unpack who you really are.

So whilst we needed to go deep – we also needed to get back to the business of driving growth and results for our client partners. That’s not an easy combination but we manage it well.

Perhaps some questions remain unanswered. That’s ok.
Perhaps we may need to revisit things in future. That’s ok too.
Because we’re about being leaders – not perfectionists. 

Understanding how powerful it is to be pushing forwards will help to understand our values and the choices behind them. We operate in a dynamic market. Our business is constantly evolving. It is a product of who we are. Our drive. Our growth. Our energy. 

The reality is we’re not finished. We’re just getting started.

We encourage you to explore the website. We offer a powerful alliance of partners and services to help our clients deliver results with better data and better digital. We hope you like the new look and feel and would love to hear from you.

Looking ahead – we’ve positioned our Partners & Innovate pillars for expansion.

Across the website you can find some examples of clients that we’re proud to serve and many platforms and partners that help us bring capabilities and expertise to unlock imagination and drive growth. We’ve assembled a powerful alliance to help amplify your competitive advantage.

We’re also sharing some agency delivery tools:

  • StackMark – the all-in-one analytics & data audit service for digital marketers
  • N5 Network – our agency freelancer network to resource your project squads

 Plus some of the startup products that we’re working on:

  • Agent AI – Generative AI tools to enhance productivity for Real Estate agencies
  • NearbySky – SaaS platform & UAV pilot network for spatial data on demand

As our projects grow into full business, Noble Five will continue to drive customer growth. It’s what we’re good at

But demonstrating new innovation is also a message to the Industry
We’ve entered a new era. To succeed in today’s modern market, a CMO needs more than an agency to wholesale advertising expenses.  Noble Five is different from other agencies & consultancies. We don’t just talk the talk. We’re do-ers. We deliver. We take risks. We get out in front and we’re committed to growth.

If this sounds like the kind of people you want on your team then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you

Published April 30, 2023

Leaders in
Data & Digital


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Noble 5

Leaders in Data & Digital

We’re in demand from some of the world’s respected industry leaders, and our reputation as expert digital media leaders stems from our ability to solve complex problems with powerful, data-driven marketing. As a full-service growth partner for in-house marketers, our integrative approach allows us to become fully aligned with your incentives and accountable for the results.

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