Introducing StackMarks

Introducing StackMarks

Navigating the intricate world of digital marketing and data analytics can be overwhelming. Even the most seasoned agency teams can miss signals in the data noise. Especially with many competing priorities to manage. But the data is rich with marketing performance opportunities. 

Don’t miss out – StackMarks is here to help you maximize your Digital Marketing ROI and take your business to the next level. That’s just the start. Over the years we’ve realised that even the most seasoned CMOs are lacking dashboards to mark the performance of their marketing investment. 

Simplifying Data Integration: From Seamless Set-Up to Expert Monitoring with StackMarks

If your business doesn’t have a functional data stack then StackMarks is for you.

StackMarks includes an easy plug-and-play solution to convert your reporting data into a unified media dashboard so you can generate business impact, driven by data.

Out of the box, StackMarks completes the data and account setup across your Paid Search, Social, and Digital Media platforms enabling the generation of a unified media dashboard with charts and ratios designed to unlock your media performance. Our unified dashboard is only one part of the performance puzzle. Monitoring reports and turning data insights into marketing action is another. That’s why a StackMarks subscription also includes a specialist monitoring service. Your StackMarks subscription includes the intelligent expertise you need to get results. Our agency team brings your dashboard to life with always-on campaign and performance monitoring. We do the analysis work to deliver you weekly campaign observations and monthly trends analysis. 

Beyond Monitoring: StackMarks Ensures Data-Driven Growth with Quarterly Consulting Assessments

Now you can afford to focus on that next campaign plan without worrying that you’re missing something. Think of it like a performance media insurance policy. Your StackMarks subscription includes a performance monitoring service to safeguard your results and assure that no conversions are left behind. It’s about freeing yourself from the data – so you can do your best work – without compromising data-driven performance.

And it does not stop there – Noble Five is all about doing better with data expertise. We understand the power of data for your business. We know that reporting and monitoring are just the start of your data opportunity. 

That’s why StackMarks includes a full data consulting assessment – giving you the omnichannel data expertise you need to grow.

Your data consulting is delivered four times a year – so you can benchmark your digital data transformation and upskill your business.

Optimized Technology, Insightful Assessments: StackMarks’ Comprehensive Approach to Digital Media Fitness and Data Security

Imagine having the ability to streamline your technology stack and align it with your business goals. StackMarks’ cross-functional team offers comprehensive audits and performance benchmarks to uncover your opportunity for growth. 

Quarterly deep-dive assessments give you the insight you need to enable data-driven decision-making, assure executive stakeholders and steer your marketing technology investment strategy.

Our +155 point inspection assures thorough fitness of your digital campaigns and platform maturity, identifying scores and optimization opportunities for each channel. 

All this is supported by your unified dashboard, a singular touchpoint covering four media platforms of your choice – with the potential for many more data sources. It’s this dashboard that will provide key stats, and ROI calculations while supporting the continuous KPI monitoring for maximum performance trends. And let’s not forget about security – your data’s safety is our priority. We adhere strictly to all data privacy laws and regulations, ensuring your information remains secure.

Ready to mark your stack?

 Get started with StackMarks today and witness the transformation in your digital marketing strategies and performance. Let our expertise guide you toward a more successful, data-driven future. Let’s make your digital maturity stack up! StackMarks is available on two distinct plans: One-Time Assessment or Annual Subscription. Choose according to your business needs, with features ranging from a single deep-dive business consultation and audit to recurring assessments and trend analysis, digital transformation benchmarks, and more with our annual plan.

StackMarks – Where data meets technology. Performance agency meets platform consulting. And you take your business to the next level.

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Published June 14, 2023

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