Digital Transformation Projects – Why is it so important to accelerate growth?

This article is part three of a three part series where I reflect on recent N5 consulting projects & share the thrust of digital transformation

The first article was about a project to right house digital media platforms inside a large global enterprise. You can read that article here

The second was about driving digital infrastructure change in a large financial institution. You can read that article here 

In this article I reflect on the impact that a modern growth stack can bring to a big project investment 

Project 3: Amplifying Growth of a Revolutionary Retail Experience 

In this project we teamed up with a renowned global consultancy, to help a large telecommunications client embark on an extraordinary project to deliver an entirely new ecommerce experience with a partner marketplace and an entirely new line of products. 

The scope was exciting from top to bottom. An ambitious business strategy with a 

completely new tech stack. With strong vendor support and an all-star consultancy line-up, we were working alongside some of the brightest minds in martech and that gave the project a real buzz. 

Our role was to undertake the implementation of the ad-tech stack and tag management systems for a Google Marketing Platform (GMP) rollout, as well as seamless integrations with a full featured Salesforce Marketing Cloud rollout that was being designed around strong analytics and personalisation use cases.

This project was designed to challenge the status quo. Backed by strong vendor support, the client encouraged the consulting teams to break free from traditional boundaries and explore innovative avenues. Solutions built from scratch, allowed the project to bypass previous platform limitations and unlock new client possibilities. 

Many consulting projects are designed to upgrade existing implementations. Some are about adding on new capability. But in this project we were building a whole new business. A startup with enterprise resources. Destined to leapfrog into a new digital future. 

With so much investment into a native digital business, everyone knew the importance of integrating a growth stack into the digital product. It was imperative that the project had a strong shot at hitting the business targets and driving conversions was critical for demonstrating the growth curve potential. 

For a specialist consultancy it’s a fulfilling experience to apply your craft on an ambitious project. It needs an optimistic company and a brave executive to step boldly into a new market and apply significant enterprise resource behind an emerging product line. You need conviction in your team, your partners and your strategy if you’re going to explore uncharted market territories with an untested plan and push to drive new growth. But with risk – comes opportunity. Fortune favours the bold as they say. 

This is the third and final article in our series on Digital Transformation Projects. 

To wrap up –  all of these projects outlined the undeniable necessity for enterprises to invest into digital transformation. If you’re not already – then expect stronger competition in the years to come.

Regardless of size or industry, embracing digital strategies can unlock significant benefits and opportunity in an increasingly digital landscape. 

To stay ahead of the curve in the coming decade, businesses will build data infrastructure and invest into digital projects in order to transform technology stacks and execute innovative strategies.

Are you ready to embark on your own transformative journey? Reach out to us today and schedule a free workshop. Let us help you unlock the power of digital transformation and re-imagine your new digital future.

Published July 15, 2023

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In his free time he loves cooking, traveling, cycling, gaming with his daughter  and reaching new belts in Hap Ki Do.

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